Unlock the Power of Your Monsters with My Singing Monsters Star Power!

My Singing Monsters Star Power is an item in the game that is used to level up monsters.

my singing monsters star power

My Singing Monsters Star Power is an exciting and innovative gaming experience that puts the player’s creativity center stage. Players can take control of their own monster and direct them through a variety of fun and challenging levels while collecting helpful tools along the way. As they progress, players unlock powerful stars that increase the effectiveness of their monsters, allowing them to explore further areas and take on bigger challenges. Every monster has its own unique abilities, ensuring no two experiences are ever the same! My Singing Monsters Star Power provides an imaginative playground for gamers of all ages to explore as they unlock special rewards, surprise bonuses, and new levels. Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure!


My Singing Monsters Star Power has two main objectives: to breed the most powerful monsters and to complete levels. To do this, players must collect and breed monsters, upgrade their star power, complete tasks, and earn awards. The game also features a wide range of customization options, allowing players to create their own unique virtual world.

Players can choose from hundreds of different monsters with unique abilities and designs. Monsters can be bred by combining two compatible monsters in the Breeding Tree. Players can also create new monsters by mating two compatible monsters together. By completing tasks and earning awards, players can upgrade their star power which unlocks new features and bonuses.


My Singing Monsters Star Power offers several packages for players to choose from. There are packages for both individual play and family play. For individual play, there are Starter Packs which include a set number of coins that can be used to purchase items within the game. For family play, there are Family Packs which include multiple Starter Packs as well as additional coins that can be shared among multiple users.

There are also subscription options available for those who want to unlock even more content within My Singing Monsters Star Power. Subscribers can access exclusive content such as rare monsters, special events, bonus rewards, and more. Subscribers also receive discounts on all purchases made within the game.

Breed Chart

The Breed Chart allows players to see which combinations of monsters they need in order to breed new ones in My Singing Monsters Star Power. The chart shows all compatible monsters along with their associated breeding combinations and success rates. This allows players to plan ahead so they know what combination of monsters will result in the monster they want before they start breeding them together.

The Breed Chart makes it easier for players to experiment with different combinations of monsters until they find the one that works best for them. It is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of My Singing Monsters Star Powers breeding system.

Star Power Guide

The Star Power Guide provides players with information on how they can use star power in My Singing Monsters Star Power effectively. It explains the advantages of using star power such as unlocking new features or increasing rewards earned from completing tasks or challenges within the game. It also explains how star power is used when upgrading characters or purchasing items from the store within the game.

The Star Power Guide provides bonus rewards such as extra coins or rare items when certain milestones are reached using star power within My Singing Monsters Star Power. This encourages players to use star power more often which helps them progress further into the game faster than before while still providing them with additional rewards along the way!

Special Events

My Singing Monsters Star Power offers special events throughout each season where players can participate in limited-time activities that offer exclusive rewards such as rare items or bonus coins when completed successfully! These events often feature unique designs or features not found anywhere else in the game so its a great way for players to expand their collection or try something new!

Players have access to leaderboards during these events where they can compete against other members of their team or against other teams around the world for prizes based on their performance during these events! These leaderboards help keep things competitive while giving everyone something extra to strive for while playing My Singing Monsters Star Power!


My Singing Monsters Star Power tournaments provide an exciting and competitive way to test your skills against fellow players. Participating in tournaments requires you to follow a few simple rules: first, make sure you have an active account; second, join the tournament lobby; third, complete the designated tasks within the time limit. Winning tournaments can reward you with exclusive items, or even a place in the Hall of Fame!

News Updates

The My Singing Monsters Star Power team regularly releases patch notes to keep players up-to-date on all the changes being implemented in the game. Every patch includes a comprehensive list of changes that can affect gameplay and balance, as well as new content such as new levels or items. This helps players stay informed and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Video Tutorials

My Singing Monsters Star Power offers video tutorials for those who are just starting out or for those who want to learn more about the game. These videos provide an overview of how the game works, as well as different tips and tricks for advancing further in the game. They can be especially helpful for those who may be having trouble with certain levels or strategies.

Strategy Guide

For players looking to take their My Singing Monsters Star Power skills to the next level, there is a comprehensive strategy guide available online. This guide covers everything from level design and tips all the way to advanced strategies for success. Whether youre just starting out or looking for ways to improve your score, this guide has something for everyone.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is My Singing Monsters Star Power?
A: My Singing Monsters Star Power is a mobile game with a unique blend of strategic, musical, and farming elements. Players can collect, breed, and grow a variety of different monsters on their island. This is all done while composing and playing music with the monsters.

Q: What are the objectives in My Singing Monsters Star Power?
A: The main objective in My Singing Monsters Star Power is to collect as many monsters as possible. Players will need to breed compatible monsters to create new ones and feed them in order to level them up. As players progress, they will unlock new features such as special events and tournaments.

Q: How much does it cost to play My Singing Monsters Star Power?
A: The game is free-to-play but there are additional packages available for purchase that offer bonus rewards or exclusive items. There are also subscription options that provide additional benefits such as extra coins or special items.

Q: What is the breed chart for My Singing Monsters Star Power?
A: The breed chart shows all compatible monsters and their mating combinations in order to create new ones. This chart can be used by players as a reference when deciding which monsters to pair together in order to create a new one.

Q: What are the advantages of having Star Power in My Singing Monsters?
A: Having Star Power in the game gives you access to additional rewards such as coins, bonus items, and exclusive monsters not available anywhere else. It also unlocks access to special events and tournaments where players can compete for prizes.

In conclusion, My Singing Monsters Star Power is a fun and interactive game that encourages players to collect Stars and level up their Monsters. With its bright colors and catchy music, the game provides an exciting experience for users of all ages. The game also provides a variety of challenges to keep players engaged and motivated to progress further in the game. Overall, My Singing Monsters Star Power is an enjoyable game that will keep you entertained for hours.

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