How to Take a Screenshot on a Moto E: A Step-by-Step Guide

To take a screenshot on a Moto E, press and hold the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons at the same time.

how to screenshot on a moto e

A screenshot can be a great way to capture an image on your Moto E smartphone. Whether you want to save a conversation, capture a website, or take a snapshot of something that’s displayed on the screen, this guide will walk you through the easy steps of taking a screenshot with your Moto E.

Step 1: Locate the power and volume buttons on the right side edge of your Moto E.
Step 2: Press and hold down both buttons for two seconds until you hear a shutter sound indicating that your screenshot has been captured.
Step 3: Go to the Gallery app on your Moto E and locate the most recent screenshots taken by accessing the Screenshots playlist or slide-out menu in your Albums tab.

Once you have taken your screenshot, it will be stored in either ‘Device Storage’ or an external SD card (if one is installed). To share or move it another app, you can use an AirDrop feature or simply email it from the Gallery app. Read on for more screenshots tips and tricks for using them once they have been captured!

How to Take Screenshots on a Moto E

Taking screenshots on the Moto E is very easy and can help you capture images of whatever you see on your device’s screen. There are two main ways to take a screenshot on the Moto E, depending on the version of Android that you are running. Below, we will explain how to take screenshots in both Android KitKat and Android Lollipop and later versions.

Taking Screenshots in Android KitKat

To take a screenshot in Android KitKat, simply press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously for one second. You will hear a shutter sound or vibration to indicate that your screenshot has been taken. To view your screenshot, open the Gallery app on your Moto E.

Taking Screenshots in Android Lollipop and Later

In Android Lollipop and later versions, taking a screenshot is slightly different than it was in KitKat. To take a screenshot, press and hold down the Power button until you see an option to Take Screenshot appear at the bottom of your screen. Tap this option to take your screenshot. You will hear a shutter sound or vibration indicating that your screenshot has been taken successfully. You can view it by opening the Gallery app on your Moto E.

How to Edit Moto E Screenshot

If you want to edit your Moto E screenshots, there are several options available. The easiest one is using the default Photo Editor app which comes preinstalled on all devices running stock Android OS. This app allows you to crop, rotate, add text or draw onto your screenshots after they have been taken.

Using Default Photo Editor on the Moto E

To use the default Photo Editor app for editing screenshots: 1) Open up the Gallery app and tap on the image that you want to edit; 2) Tap on Edit at the top right of the screen; 3) Use all of the available tools (crop, rotate etc.) to make changes; 4) Tap Save when you are done editing; 5) Your edited image will be saved back into Gallery with an additional suffix like “_edited” added at end of its name; 6) Open up Photo Editor again if you want to make further changes or save it as another file with different name for backup purpose.

Alternatives to Photo Editor Apps for Moto E

If you don’t like using Photo Editor or if it doesn’t offer enough features for what you need then there are plenty of alternative photo editing apps available from Play Store such as Adobe Photoshop Express, Pixlr Express and PicsArt – Photo Studio which offer much more powerful tools for manipulating images as well as filters & effects for making them look better than before. These alternative apps also provide more control over how edits are made so that you can get precisely what you desire out of each image that is edited with them off course after investing some time in learning their interface & tools first!

Where to Find Saved Screenshots on a Moto E

Saved screenshots can be found in two places: either inside Gallery App or inside Settings App depending upon which method was used for taking them initially i.e., either via Volume Down + Power button combo or via Power button menu respectively!

Gallery App Location

If screenshot was taken by pressing Volume Down + Power buttons simultaneously then it should appear as an image file inside Gallery App’s “Screenshots” album (if enabled).

Settings App Location

If screenshot was taken via Power button menu instead then it should appear as an entry within ‘Notifications’ section under ‘Device’ tab inside Settings App though this method may not work always due lack of support from some third party ROMs & manufacturer-specific skins like TouchWiz UI etc!

Transferring Screenshots from Moto E to Computer or External Storage Transferring files from one device (MotoE) to another (Computer/External storage device) has become much easier these days due presence of wireless technologies like Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Direct & availability of apps like SHAREit etc which allow direct transfer between compatible devices without any need for intermediate connection like USB cable etc!

< h3 > Connecting MotE Using a USB Cable If wireless transfer isn’t possible due incompatibility between devices then connecting MotE with computer using USB cable would be only option left! To do this: 1) Connect MotE with computer using USB cable & enable Media Device (MTP) mode when prompted; 2) After successful connection is established computer should detect MotE as external storage device & mount its internal memory so that files can be transferred between them easily through File Explorer/Finder programs respectively!

< h3 > Transferring Photos Using Wireless Connections & Apps If both devices support same wireless technology like Bluetooth then pairing them first would allow direct transfer between each other through respective apps installed inside both devices! Similarly if they both support Wi-Fi Direct technology then creating connection via related settings menu would let them communicate directly allowing photos/files transfer between them without any need for internet access point – provided both are close enough physically! Additionally there are many third party apps available from Play Store which allow transferring photos/files wirelessly even if sender/receiver devices don’t support same wireless technology e.g., SHAREit allows transfer over Wi-Fi connection even if one device doesn’t support Wi-Fi Direct itself though speed may vary significantly compared when transferring over same wireless technology based connections only (e.g., Wi-Fi Direct)!

< h2 > Troubleshooting Tips for Taking Moto E Screenshot Taking screenshots successfully everytime requires user patience & following few basic tips which may help improve success rate drastically – though these tips may not work always due hardware/software specific bugs present inside some devices running certain versions of OS!

< h3 > General Tips for Taking Android Screenshots When trying to take a screenshot: 1) Make sure both Volume Down & Power buttons being pressed together firmly but not too hard so that their internal mechanisms aren’t damaged thus causing malfunctioning; 2) Ensure that fingers pressing buttons aren’t wet or sticky otherwise buttons may fail due lack of contact between their surfaces; 3) Make sure display brightness level isn’t too low i .e., set brightness level manually before trying out taking shots else display contents won’t show up clearly resulting failure again; 4 ) Finally try out alternate methods mentioned above if none works out !

< h3 > Common Issues with Taking Screenshots in Moto E and How To Fix Them Most common issues reported by users while taking screenshots include problems related with pressing buttons correctly i .e., either Volume Down + Power buttons aren’t pressed together properly resulting failure everytime else power button itself gets stuck resulting no response even after pressing other button correctly – these problems generally occur due hardware issues caused by dust accumulation over time around keypad area thus blocking pathways leading signals from keys being pressed reaching processor inside hence causing failure everytime! To fix this problem properly user needs disassemble back cover & clean keypad area thoroughly using brush/compressed air before putting everything back together again making sure all screws remain tight afterwards else further problems might arise later due loose contacts being established between components leading permanent damage eventually!!

Taking a Screenshot on a Moto E

Taking screenshots on a Moto E is relatively simple. To capture the entire screen of your device, press and hold down the Power button and Volume Down button at the same time.

Locating the Screenshot

After you have taken a screenshot, you can view it in your devices Gallery app or Photos app. The screenshots will be stored in a folder labeled Screenshots by default. You can also access the screenshot directly from the notification panel after you have captured it.

Editing Screenshots

If you want to edit your screenshots, you can do so with any photo editing app that is compatible with your device. Some popular apps include Adobe Photoshop Express, PicsArt Photo Editor, and Snapseed. Once you have edited your screenshot, you can save it back into the Screenshots folder or any other folder of your choice.

Sharing Screenshots

If you want to share your screenshot with someone else, you can do so by using any of the sharing options available on your device such as email, SMS, or social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. Simply select the sharing option of your choice and follow the instructions provided to send out the screenshot.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the easiest way to take a screenshot on a Moto E?
A: The easiest way to take a screenshot on a Moto E is by pressing and holding the power button and volume down button at the same time.

Q: How do I edit a screenshot on my Moto E?
A: You can edit your screenshots on your Moto E using the default photo editor app or by downloading an alternative photo editing app from the Google Play Store.

Q: Where are my saved screenshots located on my Moto E?
A: Saved screenshots can be found in either the Gallery app or in the Settings app under Storage.

Q: How do I transfer screenshots from my Moto E to my computer or external storage?
A: You can transfer screenshots from your Moto E to your computer or external storage by connecting your phone to your computer with a USB cable, or by using wireless connections and apps.

Q: What should I do if I am having trouble taking screenshots on my Moto E?
A: If you are having trouble taking screenshots on your Moto E, try some of the general tips for taking Android screenshots, as well as some of the common issues with taking screenshots in Moto E and how to fix them.

Taking a screenshot on a Moto E is a simple and straightforward process. All you need to do is press the power button and volume down button at the same time, hold for 1-2 seconds, and then release. The screenshot will be saved in your Gallery app so you can share it with friends or use it for whatever purpose you need it for. With this simple process, you can take screenshots quickly and easily on your Moto E device.

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