How to Easily Fold and Store Your Ninebot Segway: A Step-By-Step Guide

Unfold the Ninebot and press the power button to activate it, then gently push forward, pull back, and turn right or left in order to fold it.

how to fold segway ninebot

Folding your Segway Ninebot can be done with ease once you know how to do it. This handy guide will show you how to fold and unfold your Ninebot, as well as explain the parts and functions of the device. By the end of this quick guide youll be confident in folding and unfolding your Segway Ninebot safely.

First, understand the anatomy of your Ninebot. There is a long stem that holds the handles that are padded for comfort. The stem adjusts, allowing riders to set it up at the height they want when riding. There’s also an LCD dashboard display mounted on the handlebars, that shows speed and other information about your ride.

Next, youll learn how to do both types of folding: upright folding and folded packing. To fold in an upright position, first straighten out both handlebars until they are standing together in line with one another (it will make a tree trunk shape). Then use one foot to push down on the stems so it starts folding inward towards itself into one single unit (wheels included). To begin packing folding, bring the handlebars back together in line with each other into a tree trunk shape before pushing down on both sides simultaneously with feet until it becomes wider at its base then collapses along its top part directly underneath itself (wheels included). Once fully packed, secure all parts together by pressing down firmly on each part.

Its that easy! Following these 3 simple steps will ensure that your Segway Ninebot operates safely and securely when folded and unfolded correctly. If there are any questions regarding folding or unfolding contact support for more assistance and guidance!

Preparing the Ninebot Segway for Folding

Before folding your Ninebot Segway, it is important to familiarise yourself with the product and ensure it is stable and secure. Once you are confident that the Segway is ready for folding, you can begin the process.

Turning Off Your Segway Before Folding

The first step in folding your Ninebot Segway is to switch off the power supply. This can be done by pressing and holding on the power button until the LED light on the display console turns off. You should also take this opportunity to remove any accessories from your Segway that may interfere with or get damaged during folding.

Locking and Unlocking the Segway Frame for Easier Transport

To lock and unlock your Ninebot frame for easier transport, you must first unfold the lock knob located at the base of your frame by turning it in an anti-clockwise direction. Next, remove both pins located on either side of your frame to unlock it completely.

Folding The Base Of Ninebot Segway Frame Into Half

Once your frame is unlocked, you can start folding it into half. To do this, you must first release both handles so they are in a retractable position away from each other. Then slide down the seat post until it clicks into place, then pinch it together firmly so that both sides of your frame are secured together tightly.

Collapsing The Handlebar Section of Ninebot Frame Onto Seat Post

The next step is to collapse the handlebar section of your Ninebot onto its seat post. To do this, lower both handlebars until they come into contact with each other then press down until unit compacts down into a smaller size for easier storage and transport. Finally, tuck away any loose wires that may be sticking out to complete folding of your Ninebot Segway successfully!

Sanitizing Your Hands After Handling Ninebot Segway Parts

It is important to sanitize your hands after handling any Ninebot Segway parts. Wearing sanitary gear such as gloves and face masks is recommended, though not mandatory, when working with the parts. You can also cleanse your hands with a disinfectant solution or liquid soap afterwards to ensure that all germs and bacteria are removed. It is essential to keep the Ninebot Segway unit clean at all times in order to ensure its overall safety and performance.

Securing Your Ninebot Segway With an Optional Lock Kit After Folding

Once you have folded up your Ninebot Segway, it is advisable to secure it with an optional lock kit. This will ensure that the unit does not get stolen or unintentionally opened by someone else while you are away from it. To do this, simply slot a lock through the facilitated folded section buttons, and make sure all sections are firmly locked together for added safety.

Carrying Your Folded Up Ninebot Segway Around in a Bag or Box

When you need to take your folded up Ninebot Segway around with you, it is best to carry it in a bag or box specifically designed for this purpose. This will help protect the unit from any external damage while being transported. If you do not already own one of these bags, they can be easily purchased online or at most retailers that sell the ninebot segway products. Additionally, if you need an alternative means of carrying your ninebot segway around, such as luggage trolleys or storage trucks, these can also be used provided they are big enough for the unit and offer adequate support for its weight.

Unfolding Your Ninebot Once You Reach Destination

When you reach your destination with your folded up Ninebot Segway in tow, you will then need to unfold it before use. To do this safely and securely, simply flip the release button on the main hub while supporting its load from underneath. Once this has been done successfully, return the handles, seat post and main hub into their original position before use – making sure that everything is firmly locked into place before proceeding further.

FAQ & Answers

Q: How do I familiarize myself with the Ninebot Segway product?
A: Familiarising yourself with the product is an important step when preparing your Ninebot Segway for folding. Before folding, make sure to go through the safety guidelines, observe the product and get a feel for how it works. Make sure to read any accompanying paperwork that comes with the device where you will find more information on the functions, features and safety instructions.

Q: How do I switch off the power supply of my Ninebot Segway?
A: To switch off your Ninebot Segway before folding it, make sure to switch off its power supply located at its main hub. In order to do this, press and hold down the power button until it turns off completely. You should also remove any accessories such as bags or phone holders before collapsing your Ninebot Segway for easier transport.

Q: How do I unlock and fold my Ninebot Segway frame?
A: To unlock and fold your Ninebot Segway frame, first unfold the lock knob located at the base of its frame and turn it anti-clockwise until you can hear a click sound. You should then remove both pins from each side of the frame in order to unlock it. You can then proceed to fold the base of its frame in half by releasing both handles into their retractable position and sliding down its seat post before pinching it in place.

Q: What should I do after folding my Ninebot Segway?
A: After folding your Ninebot Segway for easier transport, make sure to sanitize your hands with either a disinfectant solution or liquid soap as you will have been handling various parts of the device while folding it. It is also recommended that you secure your folded unit using an optional lock kit where you can slot a lock through facilitated folded section buttons for added safety. You may then carry your folded up unit in a bag or box of appropriate size before unfolding once you have reached your destination.

Q: How do I unfold my Ninebot once I reach my destination?
A: To unfold your Ninebot once you have reached your destination, flip release button on main hub while supporting load and return handles, seat post and main hub into their original positions until they are firmly locked together again and ready for use again. Make sure all sections are snapped together properly before switching on power supply again to ensure safe operation when riding ninebot segway again.

The process of folding a Segway Ninebot scooter is relatively easy and straightforward. With the right tools and instructions, it can be done in a few simple steps. It’s important to remember to take all safety precautions when folding and transporting the scooter to ensure safe use. With the proper care, a Segway Ninebot can provide years of convenient, eco-friendly transportation.

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