How to Bypass a Harley Ignition Switch: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Disconnect the ignition switch from the wiring harness and connect the “Hot” wire to the “Start” wire.

how to bypass a harley ignition switch

Bypassing a Harley Ignition Switch is not as complicated as it might seem. With the right tools and understanding, it is possible to bypass the lock with ease. The basics of bypassing ignition switches involve disabling one or more components in the electrical system, thus creating an override signal to be sent through the system in place of the traditional key ignition system.

This article provides detailed instructions for bypassing a Harley Davidson ignition switch using basic tools and detailed explanations. We are confident you can complete the process with ease after understanding these instructions.

First of all, it is important to identify where the switch is located. Once it has been identified, then you will need to understand how to access it so that you can disable its components or remove its safety features. Afterwards, you should disable or disconnect the component that has been identified as allowing an override switch signal, before mounting a remote override switch which should be wired into your motorcycle’s wiring harness so that when activated, it produces a signal which overrides your ignition’s original key-based signal. After these steps have been completed, your bike should now be able to start once again without needing a key.

How to Bypass a Harley Ignition Switch

Bypassing the ignition switch on your Harley is an effective way to improve security and convenience for your motorcycle. This process involves disconnecting the battery, removing the old switch, and installing a bypass switch. Knowing how to do this correctly will ensure you get the most out of your new switch.

The Steps to Installing a Bypass Switch

The bypass switch installation process consists of two steps: assemblage and wiring. Assembling is fairly straightforward: simply follow the manufacturers instructions to attach all components together. Wiring is more complex, as it requires cutting and splicing wires from the harness. It is important to keep track of each wires location before cutting them in order to reattach them correctly after installation.

Benefits of Installing a Bypass Switch

Installing a bypass switch has several benefits, such as increased security and convenience as well as improved accessibility. With a bypass switch, you can easily lock and unlock your bike without having to remove the key from its ignition slot. This also prevents potential theft, as many thieves will attempt to start a bike with an unlocked ignition slot by simply pressing the starter button without inserting a key. Additionally, if you ever forget or lose your key, you can still start your bike using the bypass switch.

Features of Your New Bypass Switch

Your new bypass switch should have several features that make it useful for Harley models with ignition switches. It should be universally-fitted with heavy-duty ignition starter wiring included for easy installation. Additionally, it should be designed with waterproof seals which prevent any moisture or dirt from entering it during operation or storage; this will help keep it working properly longer and prevent any internal damage due to water seepage or dirt infiltration.

Understanding the Control Switches on Your Motorcycle

In addition to understanding how to install a bypass switch on your Harleys ignition system, it is important to familiarize yourself with all of its control switches. There are two types of switches that control different aspects of your bike: accessory switches and starting circuit/killswitch controls. Accessory switches are used for controlling items such as lights, horns, etc., while starting circuit/killswitch controls are used for activating/deactivating the engine’s fuel system so that you can either start or shut down the engine entirely whenever necessary. Being familiar with both types of switches will help you gain better control over your motorcycle’s operation while providing maximum safety at all times during use.

Gather the Necessary Materials

In order to bypass a Harley ignition switch, you will need some materials. These materials include a set of allen wrenches, a flat head screwdriver, and an adjustable wrench. You may also need a pair of pliers or wire cutters depending on the specific model of Harley you are working with. Make sure to have all the necessary tools before beginning as it will make the process much easier.

Remove the Old Ignition Switch

Once you have gathered all the necessary materials, you can begin to remove the old ignition switch from your Harley. Begin by removing the seat and tank from your bike so that you can access the wiring harness and ignition switch. Once these are removed, use an allen wrench to unscrew any screws that may be holding down the old ignition switch. Once these screws have been removed, carefully pull out the old ignition switch from its mounting slot.

Install New Ignition Switch

Now that you have removed the old ignition switch, you can begin to install its replacement. Begin by connecting any wires or connectors that were attached to your old switch onto its new replacement. Make sure that all connections are properly secured and tight before proceeding further. Once everything is connected correctly, use an adjustable wrench to firmly secure your new ignition switch in place within its mounting slot on your Harley’s frame.

Bypass Old Ignition Switch Wiring

The last step in bypassing a Harley’s ignition switch is to bypass its existing wiring system completely. To do this, locate and disconnect any wires leading from your old ignition switch directly to your bike’s electrical system. Once these wires are disconnected, use a flat head screwdriver or pair of pliers to carefully strip away any insulation covering them before connecting them directly together using either electrician’s tape or wire cutters depending on what type of wiring material is being used. After doing so, re-attach any connectors that may have been used at first when connecting your new switch and then test out your new setup by turning on your bike; if everything works fine then you have successfully bypassed the Harleys original ignition switch!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is a Harley Ignition Switch?
A: A Harley ignition switch is an electrical switch on the frame of a motorcycle that controls the flow of electricity from the battery to the starter motor and other components. It is generally mounted near the steering column and typically requires a key to be inserted in order to activate it.

Q: How do I Bypass a Harley Ignition Switch?
A: To bypass a Harley ignition switch, you will need to disconnect the battery, remove the old switch, assemble and install a bypass switch, and then reconnect all of the appropriate wires. Benefits of installing a bypass switch include increased security, convenience, and improved accessibility.

Q: What Steps are Required to Install a Bypass Switch?
A: The steps required to install a bypass switch include assembling it, wiring it correctly, and connecting all of the appropriate wires. Your new bypass switch should come with instructions or diagrams for wiring it correctly.

Q: What are the Benefits of Installing a Bypass Switch?
A: The benefits of installing a bypass switch include increased security and convenience as well as improved accessibility. Your motorcycle will be more secure from theft since you wont have to rely on your key to start it up every time you want to ride. Additionally, you wont have to fumble around for your keys when you want to get on your bike in a hurry.

Q: What Features Does My New Bypass Switch Have?
A: Your new bypass switch should be universal fitment for Harley models with an ignition switch. It should also come with heavy duty ignition starter wiring included so that everything is connected properly when installed.

In conclusion, bypassing a Harley ignition switch requires some technical knowledge and skill. It is important to take the necessary safety precautions when bypassing the switch as it can be dangerous. The process itself involves removing the ignition switch from its mounting plate, disconnecting the existing wires, and connecting new wires to bypass the switch. After that, testing should be done to make sure that everything is working properly before reassembling the ignition switch and its components.

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