How to Add Videos to Google Slides on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

To add videos to Google Slides on an iPad, tap the + icon in the bottom right corner of the slide, then select “Video” from the drop-down menu.

how to add videos to google slides on ipad

Adding videos to your Google Slides on iPad is easy and allows you to add an extra layer of visual interest to your presentations. To complete the process, you just need a few handy resources and tools. This tutorial will guide you through the steps for how to add videos to your Google Slides on iPad. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to add videos quickly and easily!

First, gather the necessary resources an iPad and the Google Slides app. Open up the Google Slides app, sign in with your Google account, and create a blank presentation or open up an existing one. Then tap on the button that looks like a downward-facing arrow at the top of your screen. Next, select Video from the list of options.

Then tap Insert Video and choose from either My Videos or YouTube as your source. If choosing My Videos keep in mind that only G Suite users can upload content from their own devices. For everyone else there is YouTube as an option for hosting videos; enter in search terms to browse results or paste in URLs if you already know what video clips you want to use.

Once selected, its best practice to play each video before inserting it just so that you can make sure they are visible/appropriate for presentation purposes; also keep in mind that not all videos will be screened correctly within slides depending upon their size/resolution; so while playing around it is best practice to check them out first before using them giving any live presentation! Once everything looks good , click Done and voila theyll now appear within your presentations ready for viewing!

In conclusion, adding videos to Google Slides on iPad is a easy process which allows you to bring extra visual interest into your presentations quickly and easily!

Introduction to Adding Videos to Google Slides on iPad

Google Slides is a presentation software app created by Google that can be used to create, edit, collaborate and present presentations. It is a part of the Google Docs suite of online productivity tools. The iPad is a tablet computer designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is equipped with a large multi-touch display and runs the iOS mobile operating system.

Adding videos to Google Slides presentations on an iPad can be done with just a few simple steps, making it easy for users to include multimedia elements in their presentations. This tutorial will provide an overview of how to add videos from various sources, including YouTube, into a presentation on an iPad.

Importing Videos to your iPad

The first step in adding videos to your Google Slides presentation on an iPad is importing the video files onto your device. This can be done in two ways: using the iTunes Store or using Apple Music.

Through the iTunes Store, users can purchase or rent movies and television shows as well as download music videos and other types of video content directly onto their device. Apple Music also allows users to stream music videos, movies, TV shows and other types of video content without having to download them directly onto their device.

Types of Video Files Suitable for Google Slides on iPad

When importing files from either iTunes Store or Apple Music onto an iPad for use in a Google Slides presentation, its important to know which file types are supported by the app. The two most common types of video files suitable for use in Google Slides are MOV files and MP4 files. MOV files are Quicktime movie file formats that are commonly used for multimedia content such as movies and music videos while MP4 files are MPEG-4 Part 14 file formats that are commonly used for streaming audio and video over the internet.

Enabling YouTube on Your Google Slides Account

In addition to importing video files from either iTunes Store or Apple Music directly onto your device, users can also add YouTube videos into their presentations by enabling YouTube on their Google Slides account. To do this, users will need to sign up for a YouTube account if they dont already have one and then connect this account with their Google Slides account so that they can access YouTube videos from within the app itself without having to leave it.

Adding Videos from YouTube into Google Slides on Your iPad

Once you have enabled YouTube on your Google Slides account, you can start adding YouTube videos into your presentation by locating the right video on YouTube first and then putting links into PowerPoint slides within your presentation so that viewers can click them and watch the video without having to leave the presentation itself.

Uploading and Importing Videos from Dropbox or Google Drive Into Google Slides on Your iPad

Adding videos to your Google Slides presentation on your iPad is an easy task when you have the right tools. The most common way to import videos into your slides is through Dropbox or Google Drive. Here’s how to do it:

First, open the Dropbox or Google Drive app on your iPad. Then, locate the video you want to add and copy it onto your slide. To do this, tap and hold the video until a menu appears with options such as copy, delete, etc. Select copy and then paste it onto your slide. You can also drag and drop the video onto the slide if that is easier for you.

Once the video is on your slide, you can rearrange it however you like by dragging it around with your finger. You can also resize it by pinching with two fingers and adjust its properties from the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Importing or Recording Local Videos onto Your iPad for Use in Google Slides

If you’d like to add a local video to your presentation, there are two ways to do this on an iPad: recording a new video or importing one from your Photo Library.

To record a new video, open up the Camera app and tap “Record Video”. Record whatever you would like to add in your presentation then save it by tapping “Done” at the top right corner of the screen when finished recording. This will save it into your Photo Library so that you can access it later in Google Slides.

To import videos from your Photo Library, open up Photos app on your iPad and select whatever videos you want to add into your presentation. Then tap “Share” at the bottom left corner of each photo/video and select “Save to Files”. Select Google Slides as where you would like to save them and they will be imported directly into Google Slides ready for use in presentations!

Editing and Formatting Youtube/Video Content for Use in Your Presentations

Once you have added videos into Google Slides, there are some additional editing steps that can make them look even better! You can crop and trim videos from within Google Slides itself by tapping on “Edit” at the top left corner of each video clip in order to access editing options such as cropping, trimming, adding transition effects & animations etc.. This will allow you to customize each clip exactly as desired for best results in presentations!

Sharing Your Presentation from Google Slides with Others Through Various Methods Email, Link Sharing etc.

Once all of these steps have been completed successfully with regards adding & formatting videos in presentations using iPads & other devices sharing out is just as easy! To share out a presentation created using Google Slides simply create a link which can be sent out via email services such as Gmail or Outlook for example; alternatively those invited may be able view & contribute directly within an online version hosted by google itself if desired depending on user preferences & requirements!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Google Slides?
A: Google Slides is a free, web-based presentation software that allows users to create and edit presentations online. It is part of the Google Suite of products, which includes Gmail, Google Docs, and more. Google Slides can be used for creating professional presentations for business meetings, lectures, or other events.

Q: What types of video files are suitable for use in Google Slides on iPad?
A: MOV and MP4 files are both suitable for use in Google Slides on iPad.

Q: How do I enable YouTube on my Google Slides account?
A: To enable YouTube on your Google Slides account, first you must sign up for a YouTube account and then connect your YouTube account to your Google Slides account. This will allow you to add videos from YouTube into your presentation.

Q: How do I upload and import videos from Dropbox or Google Drive into my presentation?
A: To upload and import videos from Dropbox or Google Drive onto your slide, you need to open the Dropbox or Google Drive app and then copy and paste the video onto your slide. This will allow you to include videos from these cloud storage services in your presentation.

Q: How can I edit and format video content for use in my presentation?
A: You can edit videos by cropping and trimming them as well as adding transition effects and animations. This will help make sure that the video content looks good when presented in your presentation.

Adding videos to Google Slides on an iPad is a simple and easy process. All you need to do is open the Google Slides app, select the slide where you want the video to be placed, and tap Insert. From there, you can select the video from your devices library or paste a URL of an online video. After that, simply tap Play to watch your video in action. With this quick and easy process, you can now easily add videos to your Google Slides presentations on an iPad!

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