Unravel the Mystery of the Fat Dragon in How to Train Your Dragon

The “Fat” dragon from the movie, “How to Train Your Dragon”, is called Meatlug.

fat dragon from how to train your dragon

Fat Dragon from How to Train Your Dragon is an original character created for the animated fantasy film series. He is a comical and lovable dragon that appears as one of the supporting characters in all three films. As a dragon, he has the ability to fly, breathe fire, and use his enormous size to defeat enemies. He also teams up with other characters in the film for various comedic antics. His friendly nature and goofy sense of humor endear him to fans of all ages making him a beloved character from the franchise!

Overview of Fat Dragon from How to Train Your Dragon

Fat Dragon is a character from the How to Train Your Dragon movie franchise. He is a dragon that Hiccup, the main protagonist, meets during his journey. Fat Dragon has a large, round body and bulging eyes. He is always eager to help Hiccup on his adventures and provides him with invaluable advice.


Fat Dragon is a large, friendly dragon with a huge appetite for adventure. He has an endearing personality and enjoys taking on new challenges and helping Hiccup on his quest. He also possesses unique powers and abilities that are often used to help the other characters in the movie. His powers include breathing fire, flying at high speeds, and being able to understand human language. He also loves to eat fish!


Fat Dragon has many features that make him stand out from other dragons in the franchise. His large size makes him strong enough to carry Hiccup and other characters on his back, while his ability to fly at high speeds gives them an advantage in battle. Additionally, Fat Dragon’s unique power of understanding human language allows him to communicate with the other characters in the movie. This makes him an invaluable asset for Hiccup as he can provide insight into their adversaries’ plans or strategies during battle scenarios.

Reasons To Love Fat Dragon

One of the best things about Fat Dragon is the friendship he builds with Hiccup throughout their journey together. As they travel, they become very close friends and rely on each other for support during difficult times. Along with this friendship comes plenty of adventure as well! As they explore new lands and battle dangerous foes, they trust each other implicitly which adds even more excitement to their journey!

Unique Powers And Abilities

Fat dragon’s unique powers and abilities are what make him so special compared to other dragons in the franchise. His ability to understand human language gives him an edge when it comes to deciphering plans or strategies during battle scenarios. Additionally, he can breathe fire which can be used as both an offensive or defensive weapon against enemies depending on the situation. Lastly, he can fly at high speeds which helps them cover great distances quickly or get away from danger if necessary!

Popularity Of Fat Dragon

Fat Dragon has become one of the most popular characters in the How To Train Your Dragon franchise due to his endearing personality and helpful nature towards Hiccup throughout their journey together. This popularity has sparked interest in merchandise featuring Fat Dragon such as t-shirts, mugs, plushes and action figures just name a few! Additionally, there are many discussion forums dedicated entirely to Fat Dragon where fans share stories about their favorite moments involving this beloved character!

Powerful Quotes From Fat Dragon

Throughout their journey together, there are many powerful quotes said by Fat Dragon that capture moments of inspiration or character development between him and Hiccup perfectly! Some of these quotes include “I will always be here for you”, “Never give up”, “You have already done what no one else could do” and “You have inspired me”. These quotes demonstrate how much faith he has in Hiccup even when all hope seems lost!

Fun Facts About Fat Dragon

There are several fun facts about Fat dragon that make him even more interesting than before! For example, did you know that he was inspired by Japanese art? His design was based off of a mythical creature called Komainu which is usually seen guarding shrines or temples in Japan! Also did you know that he was voiced by actor Jim Cummings? Jim Cummings is well known for voicing characters in movies like The Lion King (Timon) Aladdin (Genie) Beauty & The Beast (Lumiere) among others! These fun facts add yet another layer of depth when it comes to understanding this beloved character from How To Train Your Dragon

Filmography of Fat Dragon

Fat Dragon is a fictional character from the popular DreamWorks animated franchise, How to Train Your Dragon. He is one of the main characters in the movies and TV series. He first appeared in the original How to Train Your Dragon film in 2010 and is voiced by veteran actor Gerard Butler. He has since become a fan favorite for his witty and humorous personality.

Fat Dragon has made numerous appearances in all versions and adaptations of How to Train Your Dragon, from movies and TV series to video games and even comics. In the films, he serves as a confidant to Hiccup, providing him with advice on how to best train his dragons. In other media he can also be seen battling against evil dragons or joining forces with Toothless for an epic adventure.

Interesting Facts About How to Train Your Dragon Franchise

The writing process behind the films was not an easy one for DreamWorks, as they had to make sure that Fat Dragons character was consistent throughout all of the adaptations. They decided that it would be best for him to maintain his sarcastic wit and clever quips throughout all versions, which has become part of his defining characteristics.

Behind the scenes trivia includes some interesting facts about Fat Dragons character development over time. For example, when he first appears in How to Train Your Dragon 2, he is much more serious than his previous self from the first movie. This was done intentionally by DreamWorks as they wanted him to be more mature and wise when facing new challenges in life.

Face Off: People’s Choice Between Toothless vs. Fat Dragon

When it comes down to who wins the popular vote between Toothless and Fat Dragon, it may depend on who you ask! Both characters have their own unique personalities that appeal to different people, so there really isnt a clear winner here! However, many fans tend to prefer Fat Dragon due to his funny quips that often lighten up any situation no matter how dire it may seem!

When asked who is the better character between Toothless and Fat Dragon many people take into account their differences rather than similarities when making their decision. While Toothless is brave and strong-willed when it comes down to protecting those he loves most; FatDragon provides much needed comic relief with his witty comments that often alleviate any tension or drama in any situation!

Further Analysis on Characters: Pros and Cons

When analyzing each character further there are many advantages as well as disadvantages that must be taken into account before making a decision on who would make for a better protagonist or antagonist within any story involving dragons!

For starters; both characters have unique strengths when it comes down to fighting against evil dragons or other creatures; however Toothless tends to rely heavily on his strength while FatDragon relies heavily on his wit in order for him succeed at taking down adversaries! Additionally; while both characters have heroic qualities; Toothless tends to be more courageous than FatDragon which can sometimes lead him into danger without thinking things through first which could end up being disastrous if not handled correctly! On the other hand; although not always willing go into battle like Toothless;FatDragon will often provide valuable insight before taking action which could ultimately save lives in certain situations! Overall both characters have their own unique traits that can help them excel at different tasks within any given story involving dragons; however depending on what type of story you are looking for you may find yourself favoring one dragon over another based off of their individual strengths/weaknesses!

FAQ & Answers

Q: Who is Fat Dragon from How to Train Your Dragon?
A: Fat Dragon is one of the major characters in the animated film series How to Train Your Dragon. He acts as a loyal companion, best friend, and ally to Hiccup and Toothless, and is known for his courage, loyalty, and friendship.

Q: What are some of Fat Dragon’s unique powers and abilities?
A: Fat Dragon possesses many unique powers and abilities. He can fly at great speeds, has an affinity for fire which he can use to incinerate his opponents, can breathe fire from his mouth, and has enhanced strength that allows him to easily carry large objects while flying. He also has the ability to understand and communicate with other dragons.

Q: What is the popularity of Fat Dragon?
A: Fat Dragon is a very popular character in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. He is featured in merchandise such as action figures, games, books, plush dolls, apparel items, and more. Additionally, there are numerous discussion topics about him on online forums and social media platforms.

Q: Are there any inspiring quotes from Fat Dragon?
A: Yes! Some of the most inspiring quotes from Fat Dragon include No matter how dark it gets or how far apart we may be- true friends will never be forgotten and It doesn’t matter if something seems impossible; if you have enough courage you can make it through anything. These quotes emphasize the importance of friendship and resilience in the face of adversity.

Q: What are some interesting facts about How to Train Your Dragon franchise?
A: Some interesting facts about How to Train Your Dragon franchise include that it took over 10 years for writer/director Dean DeBlois to complete all three films in the series; that he was inspired by his own childhood experiences when writing; that each film has a unique soundtrack composed by John Powell; that all three films were nominated for Academy Awards; and that Toothless was designed after a cat because cats are known for their curiosity and intelligence- two traits which Toothless possess.

It is clear that the fat dragon from How to Train Your Dragon is a unique and beloved character. This dragon is an example of the power and beauty of animation, as it brings this remarkable creature to life. The fat dragon has become an iconic character in the world of How to Train Your Dragon, and it serves as a symbol of courage for fans of the franchise. Despite its size, this dragon stands tall in the face of danger and shows us that we all can overcome our fears.

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