How to Quickly Advance in League of Legends without the Tutorial | Skip the Tutorial

No, the tutorial is required in order to play the game.

can you skip the league tutorial

When it comes to League of Legends, the tutorial mode is designed to help players quickly get to grips with the game’s mechanics. However, some players might be wondering if they can skip the tutorial and just jump into playing. The answer is yes! Skipping the tutorial is an option available to all League of Legends players, allowing them to jump right in and begin their journey as a Summoner. While doing this will mean missing out on some of the helpful tips and advice imparted by the tutorial mode, those who are already familiar with the game or simply prefer a more direct approach can bypass it all together.

Can You Skip the League Tutorial?

Skipping the League tutorial is a viable option for some players, as it can provide a significant time-saving advantage. However, there are certain tricks and considerations that must be taken into account before taking this route. Here we will cover the conditions, tricks, benefits, and how to skip the League tutorial in addition to dealing with any issues that may arise after skipping it. Finally, we will discuss how to reinstall the game if you decide to try again.

Conditions & Tricks

The biggest condition for skipping the tutorial is having all of the necessary items in your inventory before attempting it. This includes potions, runes, and summoner spells. Without these items you wont be able to start playing without going through at least part of the tutorial first. Additionally, there are also some tricks for making sure that you get through as quickly as possible. The most important of these is to make sure that you select your champion as soon as possible and dont get stuck in any menus or windows that may slow you down.


The primary benefit of skipping the League tutorial is that it can save a considerable amount of time for players who already know what they are doing in-game. This can be especially advantageous for experienced players who just want to jump straight into playing with friends or competing in ranked matches quickly. Additionally, since there are certain elements of the tutorial (such as runes) that wont be covered if you skip it, experienced players will already have an advantage over newer ones who may need extra help getting up to speed on those elements.

How to Skip The Tutorial

Before attempting to skip the tutorial, make sure that all of your necessary items such as potions and runes are ready and set up in your inventory beforehand so they don’t delay your progress later on. Once all of these items are ready, begin by selecting your champion from the store window and then move on to picking your summoner spells from the list provided on-screen. After this has been done you can click on start game which should take you straight into a match without any further delays or menus popping up along the way.

Dealing with Issues After Skipping Tutorial

One potential issue that could arise after skipping the League tutorial is that some features may not be available until they have been unlocked by playing through it first (such as runes). If this happens then there are a few troubleshooting tips available which include resetting your game client or trying out different versions of the game until one works correctly for you. In addition to this it can also be beneficial to seek out alternative solutions such as asking experienced players for advice or looking online for resources which may provide more detailed instructions about how best to get around these issues without needing to go back through the tutorial again.

Reinstalling To Try Again

If none of these options work then reinstalling may be necessary in order to try again from scratch with a new account or server settings which could then allow access into games without needing to go through all of the steps again each time. When reinstalling make sure that all relevant files related to League have been backed up first so they can easily be restored afterwards if needed as well as making sure any old accounts linked with them have been removed from their respective services too (e.g., Steam). Additionally keep in mind any other considerations such as whether or not a new version has been released since last time which could affect how everything works when attempting this process again too!

Finding Answers on Community Forum

Finding answers to questions about the League Tutorial can be a great help if you don’t want to go through the full tutorial. Community forums are an excellent way to get answers from experienced players and developers.

Advantages of Community Forum include access to a vast knowledge base of topics related to the game, as well as an active community that can provide valuable feedback and solutions. Additionally, many forums have moderators who can help guide you in finding the right answer for your question.

Tricks for Finding Answers on Forum include researching keywords related to your specific question, using search functions on the forum, and reading through existing threads related to your topic. Additionally, it is beneficial to post your questions in a clear and concise manner in order to get the best results.

Contacting Customer Service

If you are unable to find an answer through a community forum, you may need to contact customer service in order to get help with your issue. When deciding when to contact customer service, it is important to consider whether or not your issue is time-sensitive or non-urgent. If it is urgent, it may be best to contact customer service directly, while if it is non-urgent, then a community forum may be enough.

Contact details vary depending on which customer service department you are trying to reach out too. For example, if you need help with technical issues such as game performance or compatibility issues, then contacting technical support may be necessary. However, if you have questions about game rules or policies then contacting general customer service would be more appropriate.

FAQs about the League Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the League Tutorial can also provide helpful information if you don’t want to go through the entire tutorial process. General questions related to how the game works and what strategies should be used can often be found in these FAQs. Additionally, specific questions regarding certain features or mechanics of the game may also be addressed in these FAQs.

When searching for answers in an FAQ section, it is important that you read carefully and make sure that all of your questions are answered before proceeding further with any action based on these answers. Additionally, some FAQ sections may also provide solutions for common problems or issues that players face when playing the game so make sure that these solutions fit your situation before taking any action on them as well.

FAQ & Answers

Q: Can I skip the League Tutorial?
A: Yes, you can skip the tutorial in League of Legends. To do this, you must have certain items that are required for skipping and follow a step-by-step guide.

Q: What are the benefits of skipping the tutorial?
A: Skipping the tutorial can help you save time and give you access to advantageous elements in the game.

Q: How can I skip the League Tutorial?
A: You must have specific items and then follow a step-by-step guide to skip the tutorial. You can find guides on community forums or contact customer service if necessary.

Q: What should I do if I encounter issues after skipping the tutorial?
A: If you encounter issues after skipping the tutorial, try troubleshooting tips or alternative solutions available on community forums. If this does not work, consider reinstalling to try again.

Q: Is there any other way to find answers about skipping the League Tutorial?
A: You can search for answers on community forums which may provide helpful advice from other players who have gone through similar experiences. Additionally, you may contact customer service for assistance.

Based on my research on the topic of skipping the League of Legends tutorial, it is possible to skip the tutorial. However, doing so is not recommended as it is a valuable source of information for players who are new to the game. Even experienced players may find value in reviewing the tutorial content as it often contains important information about changes and updates to the game.

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