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The Henry T. Oxnard Historic District is well known to both locals and visitors for several other fun community activities in addition to the
Autumn Historic Home Tour. First and foremost, please remember that the Henry T. Oxnard Historic District is a neighborhood of private homes, and that should be respected at all times - whatever time of year you visit us.

Christmas Tree Lane

In 1992, the nearby City of Ventura’s residents of Candy Cane Lane (Teloma Drive) decided to pass the torch of the well-known Ventura County tradition to Oxnard's ‘F’ Street. Donated decorations and lights, including no less than 3 scaled-down animated merry-go-rounds, were trucked to Oxnard and a new tradition began.

The event was organized and renamed Christmas Tree Lane by past neighboorhood Chair, ‘F’ Street resident Steve Buratti. The holiday spectacle grew in 2000 when local resident and neighborhood booster, Harris Berger, added another 5 blocks of adjacent ‘G’ Street into the display.

Estimates of the number of visitors vary from 20,000 to 40,000 during the 2 to 3 week run. All decorations and lighting are provided by individual homeowners and no City support is provided other than increased traffic control and refuse barrels to lessen the impact on the residents. The residents pay for the electricity themselves, contrary to local rumors.

Christmas Tree Lane
Visitor Tips:

 - Decorations are on from 6 PM through 10 PM every night, starting the second Sunday of December through December 26th.

- Visitors are asked not to walk in private yards or driveways, unless allowed by residents.

- As it's a busy time of year and drivers may be distracted by the Christmas lights, you may want to bring a flashlight for use at intersections and wear light colored clothing.

- Visitors can walk the route (the best way to fully take it all in) by parking on adjacent side streets and making the 10 block loop. Warm attire is recommended.

- Trash receptacles are provided by the City of Oxnard at most intersections.

- Portable restrooms have been available since 2007 at 3rd and 'F' Streets.

- Visitors in vehicles are asked to keep headlights on for safety reasons. Old timers to Ventura’s Candy Cane Lane remember the rule of turning your headlights off, but with three cross streets on Christmas Tree Lane and significantly more visitors, headlights must be on for everyone’s safety.

- In 2008, guided weeknight Trolley Tours were added that included a loop through downtown’s Heritage Square and Plaza Park’s Christmas displays of Ventura County’s tallest Christmas tree (over 110 feet) and 30,000 computer-synchronized lights on the historic Plaza Park Pagoda Bandstand. Trolley Tour information can be found at

- Please respect the privacy of all residents. Please keep children attended with adults at all times. Do not allow them to touch or climb on any exhibits. This is for their own safety!

- Please be courteous when the crowds are larger on weekends and the sidewalks are congested.  

Downtown Oxnard's Patriotic Flag Display

Started initially in 2002 by Historic District resident Harris Berger on 5 blocks of South ‘G’ Street after the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks. A few years later, Karen Martia and ‘F’ Street residents joined in by adding 5 blocks of ‘F’ Street to the display. Finally in 2009, long time downtown merchant Vince Behrens added the perimeter of Plaza Park (at ‘C’ and Fifth Street) in this moving and patriotic display of “Old Glory”.

This spectacular display of over 350 US flags is made possible by the generosity of donated funds by the Historic District’s residents and community 

members. The display proudly flies several times each year - often on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans Day - depending on volunteer support.